What is Liquid Screed

and why is it right for you?

What is Liquid Screed?  It’s the next generation in screed flooring.  All screed floors are laid to ensure a perfectly flat foundation surface so that all tiling, carpeting or other flooring finishes can be laid as efficiently and flawlessly as possible.

Liquid screed flooring is becoming the preferred screed for builders and renovators as it reliably delivers this, and in less time than conventional screed flooring.

Because it is far more efficient at thermo-conduction, it is now the industry standard screed floor if you are installing underfloor heating systems.

Easier to Install

Our Liquid Screed is easier to lay and level than conventional screed floors and, importantly, faster to dry.

The pump-installation speeds up the application time and means that the screed is easier to deliver.

Economical and Efficient

You need less of it! This reduces the drying time as well as the cost.

The pump-installation means application is fast – we can lay up to 1000 square metres per day. It shrinks less than traditional screed flooring, enabling us to give you a very accurate price estimate of what you will need.

Environmentally Friendly

Liquid screed floors are better conductors of heat, meaning that they heat up and retain heat more efficiently than traditional flooring, which means smaller energy bills.

Good for you and good for the planet.

So what don’t you get with a Speedway Liquid Screed floor?

Cracked tiles, uneven surfaces, and higher energy bills.


Liquid Screed FAQs