Antony Jones – Speedway Flooring Limited

Liquid Screed Flooring Specialist

Antony Jones has been in the plastering and flooring industry for over 30 years.

Speedway Flooring specialises in pump applied, free-flowing, self-compacting liquid screed flooring for both residential properties and commercial developments. Flowing screeds are the next generation in floor screed. It has lots of great benefits, particularly when it is used with an underfloor heating system.

“I was a plastering contractor, running a successful plastering company for years, and screed flooring was just one part of our business.  In those days, laying a screed floor was a very necessary but very labour-intensive part of a construction. It would take 3 men all day to lay 25 tons of flooring. But when liquid screed hit the market about 17 years ago, it was clear that it would revolutionise our industry. In fact, 1 man can now lay 25 tons of screed in 40 minutes.

Speedway Flooring was the first specialist liquid screed company in the South West, and we are pretty expert at it.

Every job is carried out by me, personally. I’m a hands-on person at heart.”

Antony Jones